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Have you forgotten your COGMOS/Forum username or password?

  1. If you know your username and the email in your member profile record is correct, the club Membership Officer can have the COGMOS system send your login information to you. Contact COG Memberhsip via email at 

  2. If you know the email address used in your member profile and it is still valid, you can try using the login/password reset feature  Click Here and we will email instructions on resetting your login information. If this does not work for you, use #1 above.

Getting error message: "Password security has recently been upgraded. Please enter your password again"

2/26/16 - Are you sure you are using correct username & password, tried logging in again, and still cannot log into the forum?  A recent forum software upgrade has corrected user login authentication. The update prevents users with expired, pending, or incomplete COG accounts from logging in to the forum. Users must bring their account up to date. Please log into your COG account to complete or renew your registration. 

  1. From main menu above select Member Area, and log in using your username/password. If you do not know it, follow the help in the "Have you forgotten your COGMOS/Forum username or password" section above.

  2. Select My Info.

  3. From Member Area menu, choose Member Links -> My Info  
    This is a good time to review & update all other profile info. When compete click Actions -> SAVE

  4. Select Actions -> Edit Membership Plan

  5. Wait for your membership plan info to load and click on the Change icon, and then select the desired membership plan from the list. If the plan you are looking for is not listed, contact the Membership Officer.

  6. Click on the ADD TO ORDER button

NOTE: Please keep your registration information up to date and accurate. Required registration information includes the user’s correct name, address, phone number, and email address. In accordance with club rules and policies, any account identified with any required information missing, incomplete or containing obviously false or anonymous information may be deactivated or deleted without warning. 

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